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Did you forget the baguette?

" L' Autre Vie " a blog by RHF

This is me yesterday ( Sunday ) at the Saint- Cyprien market - one of the most popular in the Dordogne and you can see why. Just look at that bunting! In the breeze it's beautiful to watch it dance, enticing you to walk the 500 metres or so of stalls, your senses coming alive in a remarkable way. The aroma of food is intoxicating, particularly when you pass the rotisseries of chicken with the roast potatoes underneath constantly basting effortlessly in the chicken fat. Ah...Sunday lunch sorted! Truly impossible to resist. a friend commented " where's your baguette Rae? "

Good question.

St. Cyprien is a very lovely village set high above the right bank of the Dordogne and, like a lot of these medieval communes, was developed as a monastery in the 7th century by a religious zealot. In this case -Cyprien.

It is a typical example of Perigord charm,

in a green environment conducive to leisure. The central fountain seen below.

Saint Cyprien is also home to the famous " Les Gourmandises Lucco " which is a boulangerie/patisserie like no other. And this is where we always stop at the market to have a rest, a coffee and a choux pastry with custard and strawberries. We enjoy the art of the "flâneur" which is the french term for one who saunters or sits observing society.

We are not alone in this pursuit, as there are literally hundreds of people gathered in various cafés and establishments, either drinking coffee, or a beer, and simply watching life " walk on by".

The french have made this into an art form, and I love it. We could do well to flâneur a tad more don't you agree?

So about the baguette. Did I really forget?

Well no, no, no, -I didn't forget. Mes dents ( my teeth ) are the reason I won't begin the baguette.

This is such a regret, but my mind it is set on keeping the teeth that I have complet!

Those crusts can be deadly and dreadfully hard, and crack your nice molar and make you malade!

And that's what has happened, a sad tale but true.

I sense more titanium.

So I'll stick to the choux!

A bientôt mes amis!


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